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Image by Bekky Bekks

Garden Life

Gardening isn't just a passion, it's therapy!

In this section you can read about my garden observations and different ways I use electrolyzed reduced water in the garden and the diverse pH settings from the machine.

2.5 pH (Hypochlorous Acid):

Terminated aphids almost immediately on grape vine and citrus trees (see pics)

Helped manage the mold on plants during cold season

Killed mites off of bean plants

6.0 pH (Acidic water):

Sped up the process of germination by 2-5 days

Rejuvenated plants, brought them back to life

Great for compost tea

11.5 pH (Strong Alkaline Water):

Killed fungus

I haven't experimented a lot with the 11.5 pH. I will make that my priority in the next round of experiments 


2.5 pH (hypochlorous acid) to prevent aphids from infesting grape vine


2.5 pH (hypochlorous acid) used to terminate aphids on citrus trees


6.0 pH beauty water typically gets seeds germinated 2-5 days sooner

6.0 pH beauty water used to rejuvenate this basil plant back to life

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