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Hello and Welcome!

Thanks for stopping by and checking out my website. I am a Kangen water machine distributor and am passionate about helping others get back on track and take control of their health again. My journey with Kangen water has fueled a fire in me once I started feeling and seeing huge changes during my healing with neuropathy. No amount of pharmaceuticals could ever have given me back my life. 


The beginning of 2019, I got into a freak gardening accident which ended up in severe nerve damage to my foot. Eventually leading me to become dependent on pharmaceutical drugs for the nerve damage and over-the-counter drugs for the pain. Doctors told me it could be years until I would be able to possibly have any function in my foot and that I would probably be dependent on a cane for life. How was I going to work? How was I going to garden? How was I going to provide? I was devastated.

I went through a stage of depression and drinking every day. All I could do was just sit there with my foot up in throbbing pain. I was fed up and knew I had to make a change. I started by  changing my diet to more cleaner foods and starting an inner-healing journey within myself. Forcing myself to not let fear push me away from something I loved doing that put me in my situation in the first place, gardening. It got me going in the right direction, but something was still missing. At this time I was still dependent on pharmaceutical's due to my pain from nerve damage and desperately wanted to completely get off of it. I wanted something organic, something natural.

While researching water physical therapies I was introduced to electrolyzed reduced water technology and was intrigued by the possibilities. It took over a year before I invested into the machine, but within 5 weeks of drinking electrolyzed reduced water everyday, all my hesitations melted away. I was able to feel the ground beneath my injured foot, the same foot that I was told I would never have control or feeling of again. I was blown away!! I could wiggle my toes, something I wasn't able to do since the accident. My energy was up and I was feeling the most rejuvenated I ever felt in all of my adult life.

Since then, I have become a certified Health and Wellness Coach, Nutritionist and Hydration Specialist.

 I am thankful I can now live life without any restrictions or pain from my past injury. This water was my missing link, and now my purpose in life is sharing the knowledge with others in hopes this water may also be that missing link that you may need.

Looking forward to connecting with you and starting a friendship of growth and wellness.

*I am not making any medical claims that this water cures anything/everything*

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